Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm more than a little green :)

Artwork by O'Mama Eve & her Rebecca (photo by O'Mama Heather)

Feeling a little green is not the way to spend St. Paddy's Day. I honestly don't remember much about my morning sickness from my first pregnancy...probably why I wanted to do it again :) But Daryl and many mamas are reassuring me that, yes, it will come to an end. Our first stop of the day was at Cypress Creek Family Dentistry so Mia could meet Dr Hoppe (like hoppy) and show off her gorgeous gums and teeth. While waiting for the doc, Mia tried to escape a little bit, but the hall must have seemed too long, because she came right back into the room. Dr Hoppe was amazingly gentle with Mia and it was over in a flash. Mia didn't particularly dig the light shining on her face or the mirror in her mouth, but once the Dr started brushing her teeth, she relaxed and almost went limp. Brushing her teeth is kind of like finding that 'spot' on a dog that makes him shake his leg when you scratch him. Mia's gums & teeth are perfectly healthy, and we don't have to go back for 6 more months.
One of the funniest things is that out of all the possible prizes (and there were some great ones) Mia picked out the smallest blue plastic fish. It made her happy and that's all that counts
Then over to Heather & Ryland's for an O'Mama Shamrock shindig. We hung out and had some yummy snacks. The kids actually did a couple of craft projects...usually, we don't ever get to any of the planned crafts :) Mia was introduced to her first glue stick, and she's in love. I read Barnyard Dance to Sarah & Mia (not anywhere as good as Melanie), but the girls held hands and promenaded, hopped like frogs.... It all was topped off by shamrock shaped sugar cookies.....yum!

Mia not as stealth as she thinks she is (she's stomping around bc she digs she sound the charms on her shoes make when she does so...hard to be sneaky):