Wednesday, June 6, 2007

plans shmans

We had our first Summer session Little Gym class this morning. It's at 9:30...15 min later than last session's. You wouldn't think that 15 min would make a huge difference, but it does. Mia wakes up around 8:30. I have to get her dressed, get our stuff in the car (usually have time to get it all packed in the bag before she wakes up), get her in the car with some juice & a little something for breakfast...more often than not, it's 1/2 a cereal bar. She's not that much of an eater when she first wakes up, but she needs a little something in her tummy :) We usually roll into class right on time or a couple minutes late. Today, we were 10 min early!!!! So Mia played with her friends Sydney and Samuel while I chatted with their respective Julia and Keitha. There were a whole bunch of kids from Mia's other class, so we had a great time together.

Then we were off to the park for a playdate. We were going to make it a short stop then head over to the mall for lunch & playtime with another group of Babes & Mamas, but our plans suddenly changed! My tummy started turning. It's been happening a lot lately (hormones!). I decided to play it safe and head home. It ended up being so much fun! After slathering on the sunblock, Mia and I hung out in the her swimming pool, sliding into the pool, sliding her little ducks down the slide into the pool...Mia kept telling her ducks 'out, out, out' when she'd take them out and put them on the slide, then 'in, in, in' and she pushed them in! Oh, then she clapped for them :) Her turtle sprinkler was spinning around and she loved it, too.

After a much needed shower..Mia had played in her sandbox, too...when she was wet so she was covered in sand and grass, we had a nice lunch together. Mia did something I've never seen her do before. She rested her cheek on the table, closed her eyes, and while finishing up a bite, she said 'night, night'. Sooooo cute! She's been asleep for 2 1/2 hours now :)

Oh, I finally found the picks of her trying on her hats in front of the mirror. She's wearing one of my tank tops, tied in the made my heart melt.

Howdy pardner

tea time

loves herself in Daddy's hat

doesn't everyone have a coon skin cap?