Monday, June 25, 2007

let's catch up, shall we?

Last week, Mia caught a little bug , but was only down for about a day and a half. Then, she passed it over to me. Friday was hard (hard enough to miss a playdate with my girls), but then Saturday was a lot better! So, we think it's just a 36 hour then it's over thang.

I had some time to myself Sat morning. We were going to go look at houses, but decided against it at the last moment. I think my honey wanted to be lazy and play with Mia. Ok by me, so I ran a few errands. I think I did too much too soon after not feeling well, so I took a nap when Mia did. After that and a late lunch, we all headed out to the sprinkler park in Leander. It's obviously our fav. So close to home, and practically deserted in the late afternoon/early evenings. Mia gets more comfy and has a better time every time we go. She was actually interested in an area that has suspended buckets that fill with water then tip over when full, water crashing to the ground. I made the mistake of putting her under one the time before last and it knocked her down and made her cry. Bad mama! But this time, with her strong Daddy, she seemed very interested in it, but not so that she wanted to stand under it...just explore by it. Then we walked over to the playscape and played for a while. It really is a nice park.

We were supposed to help Suzy celebrate her birthday Saturday night, but her poor sinuses were being accosted by big bad mold spores and had her laid out in bed for almost 3 days! Sunday afternoon, was a little better for her, so we popped by with a homemade birthday cake and a couple of cards. Mia picked hers out all by herself. She saw the one with the duck and made a bee line towards it. She added a little bit of her art for her Suzy :)

I think I'm going to have to count how many times I start off with 'we were supposed to...' Having a kid sure does make your plans not as concrete as they used to be. Well, we were supposed to hop over to the library to return books and submit Mia's summer reading log....but she needed a nap. After her nap, we set out on our bikes (Mia in her maxin' in her trailer) for a beer run :) We did hit a great neighborhood park where Mia swung with her Daddy and went down a very big slide!

Mia is going to hang out with her Nana (Daryl's Mom) on Wednesday so I can get some packing and last minute errands done. So, today was spent reading books, playing with blocks, looking at and playing in the rain, and all sorts of fun stuff. Just good Mama and Mia time. We're going to be away from her for 6 days pretty soon, and I want every minute to count.

Oh, I almost forgot. Mia spent some time stacking and sorting my nail polish this afternoon. I can just sit and watch her for hours.

see my fancy heart umbrella?

(she's actually pointing to a raindrop)

ready to bust outta the sprinkler park

NOT wanting to give Suzy her duck card

Happy Birthday Suzy!!!!!

Mia's so strong, she 'kicked' Daddy who doubled over in 'pain'. Mia LOVED it!

Hey!! I'm at the PARRRRRRRK!!!!

Stacking Mama's polish

Daddy Stylin Mia's do

hangin in the living room

All about the colorful polish