Wednesday, June 13, 2007

books = happiness

Mia had to hit the gym early today...Little Gym, that is. She woke up just in time to jump into some clothes eat some yogurt and we were outta here. We had a super fun time today. Last week, she wasn't in the best mood bc she had bubbles on her mind, and bubble time isn't till the end....not a fun class. This week, she stood under the shelf that housed the bubbles and said 'bubbles, bubbles...' I reassured her that yes, those were bubbles, yes, she would be playing with them soon, and yes, it was time to tumble. It worked!
After class we walked two doors down to Petco, where we checked out their livestock. She saw bunnies for the first time. She kept pointing and saying, 'bun! bun! bun!'. Then she found the rats that she likes to call 'mou'. Everything rodent like is a mouse, but not the ferrets, they are 'mow' for meow...cats. She wasn't very impressed with the birds or the fish. The buns were a tough act to follow.
When she woke up from her nap, we paid Ms. Jane at the library a visit and signed Mia up for the Summer Reading Program :) Mia and I both get credit when I read books to her. I remember when I was little feeling so much pride when I'd fill up the form with all the books I'd read.
Here are a few snaps of Mia with her loot from the library, and her 'hat' of the moment..a colander, a birthday gift from Lori & Livie.

Mia's newest fashion statement

has her thinkin' cap on

books = happiness