Sunday, June 3, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

I can't even remember Friday!

Saturday morning Mia got some Daddy time while I went to town and got my hair done. I truly relish those kind of moments, and feel so much better when we all get back together. While I was gone, Daddy taught Mia that owl's say 'hoo hoo'. Add it to the animal sound list :)

Just remembered Friday. Mia was been on a whining jag for the last three weeks. I wasn't sure if it was teething, an ear infection, if she got Daddy's horrible sore throat. So off to the Dr.... The great news is that Mia's perfectly healthy. The not so good news....she's entering the two's-ish. I asked Dr. Killgoar for recommendations on books/videos...anything that could enjoy this time, and not just endure it. Well, she recommended a book/DVD from a Dr. who's other book/DVD about babies REALLY helped when Mia was little. So, off to 1/2 price books. What's funny is that I already had a copy at home, had started reading it, really loved it, but put it down because Mia wasn't in this part of development. Well, she is now and I had 2 copies of the book and the DVD. One of the very many lovely things about Daryl is his onboardness (I may have this word up...I'm creative like that) when it comes to parenting and playing an equal part to finding solutions. So, there we were on Friday bed each of us armed with 'the' book. We watched the DVD on Saturday during Mia's nap. We started implementing what we thought would work best for Mia and our family, and viola! the rest of Sat and all Sunday, Mia was in good spirits, which meant WE were in good spirits, too. All it took was a little tweak in how we view her and what her whines mean to her. Yay!!!! (Note: We're VERY aware that she'll still whine, it just doesn't bug us so much and it's a lot less) :)

Back to Saturday... we ended up grilling burgers and corn while Mia played in her pool. The water was a little cool, so she walked around investigating different things until she ran across the turtle! No, not a live turtle, a plastic sprinkler turtle that she actually fell on and slightly cut her eyelid and bruised her cheekbone. The life of a toddler is not an easy one. After her shower, she was in our room, so after her diaper, I threw one of my tank tops on her and tied up the straps...instant summer dress! She then spent a long time sitting in front of the mirror, trying on hats and saying 'hi' to the baby in the mirror. Speaking of 'hi', Mia will go to the door that leads to the garage (that's the door Daddy comes home through), turn around and walk back in the room saying 'hi'! Like she just came home :) Once Mia starts this, she'll do it over and over and over...

Sunday was fabulous! We decided to go to the Children's Museum, but then we changed our minds and went to the YMCA to frolic in the pool. There's a cool sprinkler/water fountain area, tall tunnel slides, and the pool has a non-slip bottom entry, so Mia was able to walk into it and hang out in the little kid area. It went up to 2 feet, and since she's well over 30", her head stayed above water. Back at home, I made spaghetti for my favorite Daddy/Daughter team. As you can see from the pics below, she IS her Daddy's daughter when it comes to spaghetti.

Relaxin' at dinner time

Well, if it FITS, why can't I put it all in?

I don't understand how all this fun can be this messy

reveling in the messiness