Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Fun!

Yesterday started off with swim class. Mia LOVES it! She really squirms for me to let her go, but when I do, she sinks, comes up sputtering and pissed. So, she stays in my arms while we go though the circuits until it's her turn to submerge. I think that's her fav part. She's staying at 5 seconds underwater until she's comfy, then will move up to 6. One of her other favorite circuit spots is the pizza delivery. I place rings (pizzas) on the steps of the pool. She reaches in, grabs them, and 'delivers' them into the bucket. It's an exercise to help them fell comfortable putting their faces in the water. Mia was so distracted yesterday, that she stuck her whole head in to get a green ring!

Since Mia was already in her suit, we hit the Leander sprinkler park. It's free, fun and Mia really digs it. One other bonus is that it wears her out! Yay! She played and played for about 45 min, then went to our bag, got her towel out and said 'bye-bye'. If that's not communication, I don't know what is.

After her nap, we went to Ready, Set, Play!. There aren't' too many places for kids to run around out of the heat. I think she's still too little for the playscapes at Chick-fil-a and places like that. The older kids are so fast, they'd probably run her over. I digress, back to RSP. Mia met this little 4 yr old girl, Cindy. They played so well together. Cindy demonstrated to Mia how to fling the balls out of the ball pit. They didn't give up until the pit was empty. (there's video of it below, but it's loud bc of the airblowers, and long bc my mom likes to watch Mia play so I didn't edit it) When Mia tried to climb out of the pit, Cindy really wanted to pick her up, but I don't think Cindy weighs much more than Mia. The second time she tired, I explained that Mia could not only get out by herself, but she prefers it that way ;) The last time we were there, a little girl freaked out at the top of the big slide, so since then, Mia's not wanted to go up it. She'll climb half way, change her mind and then climb back down...not so good when there are other kids behind her. Well, little Miss Cindy climbed up, and called Mia up to join her. Mia went!!! She still wants me to slide down with her, but she has the the biggest smile on her face when we zoom down.

Today was loads of fun, too. First, we hit Keri's first birthday party. Keri is a friend of Mia's from one of our playgroups. There were toys and bunches of kids and cake and balloons and a ball pit... Mia's friend Alex was there, so they kind of hung out a much as a pair that age do. Well, after we all sang to Keri, watched her mama Lisa help he open her gifts, Mia played, I visited and we both had cake, we hit the road...nap time! Mia had a little bit of trouble falling asleep for her nap due to her slight sugar high :)

After her nap, we high tailed it back to Pflugerville to hang out with our pals Lori & Livie (the Bug) and Sarah & Isabel (the Bell). They had fun in the kiddie pool while the mamas sat back with some Arbor Mist and caught up. It really was a nice way to finish the week.

...and tomorrow is Daniel's first birthday swim party! The fun never stops!!

water baby in motion

takin' a little sip

summer fun

Mia & Cindy havin' a ball

a balloon in each doesn't get much better than that!

Alex & Mia

Mia & Avery in the birthday ball pit

Keri, the birthday girl, says 'enough with the cake, I'm DONE!'

Bell & the Bug

smilin' swimmer

at the water park

playing at Ready, Set, Play! with Cindy (LOOOOONG)