Saturday, June 23, 2007

this is what happens when

I'm down when I'm supposed to be up. I'm up blogging at 12:30am! I was under the weather a little today (I hope my friends Sarah and Lori will be as understanding as I know they are & take a raincheck for the missed playdate at Casa de Gleinser), but at least Mia's feeling much better. She still has her little rash, but is unfazed by it. Her hair is growing into her eyes...barely, but it is. So, up in a pony tail it went. It looks more like a palm tree than a pony tail, but it's up there :) It rained pretty hard out here this afternoon. We took advantage of it by entertaining Mia with it. She sat on her Daddy's (we were so glad he came home early today) lap for a while, then went to touch it all.

There's a raindrop right over there!

(check out the poor Snapper's red little cheek)