Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daniel's First Birthday!!!

Daniel is a little boy that Mia met last session at Little Gym (they're in the same summer session class, too). They've become great friends, and so have Melissa (Daniel's mama) and I. Well, yesterday was his one year birthday party!!! It was jungle animal themed from cake to favors. Mia had her first PB&J sandwich. She scarfed it down and chased it with some cake! Needless to say, this would be day two of her sugar high ;)

When we first arrived, we checked out the little wading pool. Mia did more than that...she just walked right in...dress, sneaks and all! After she changed into her swimsuit, she went back out there and her Daddy was the lifeguard, blocking her from the deeper (1 1/2 ft) end. They had a great time playing, and I had a great time watching them play. He really is a super dad.

Before we left, Mia picked out a party favor. They were little animals, and Mia picked out a tiger...I'm sure because they were jungle animals and ducks weren't available, but I do believe that tigers rank pretty high with her, too. On the way home she, obviously tired and full of sugar, kept growling at the tiger and saying 'hi' over and over, to whom, we aren't sure.

After Mia's nap, we took Daddy to the Leander sprinkler park. It was his first time. He was very impressed with the park, and with little Mia. She really does handle herself very well there and knows how to have a great time.

ready to swim...dress, sneaks & all!

Daddy's girls

first PB&J takes Mia by surprise!

Daddy's little mermaid

Daniel has had enough cake...

...Mia concurs

Fun at the pool party

Welcome to Mia's Sugar High