Saturday, June 9, 2007

play time

Yesterday, Mia and I went over to the Robin Bledsoe Water Playscape in Leander. We were supposed to meet up with a group of Mamas...but other stuff (naps, sniffles...) came up for them. I was a little worried about Mia. She was the youngest by far, but she was fabulous and LOVED the water! The older kids were so nice to her. She played and played and played! There was this cute moment when there were a bunch of older kids sitting in a circle, and Mia just walked up and sat down with them. So cute, but it almost broke my heart. She's growing up way toooooo fast for me. I've also noticed that whatever goodies I pack for lunch or snack, that the grass is always greener. Mia went over to a couple of moms with their kids and begged for some grapes! They were nice, and gave her as much as she wanted...which only happened to be two :)

This afternoon Daryl thought it would be a good idea to go to Ready Set Play! with Mia. We hadn't been in a while, and she had such a fun time the last time. Well, Daddy was right! She had a fabulous time playing in the ball pit, climbing up and shooting down the slides (even the big one!). It wore us all out. I love when he plans things. It's always something we haven't done before or in a long time, and it gets me out of my rut.

Guess what he's doing right now. He's a couple houses down playing poker with some neighbor guys! YAY!!! Daddy's Night Out!!! We probably won't get any pics or video from that...and that's OK :)

**Please keep in mind that these videos may seem boring to the average viewer, but to Grandmas, they're little slices of heaven :)