Saturday, April 14, 2007

gotta little fish on our hands!

Mia had her first swimming class yesterday, and she took to it like a little duck. The swim school was fabulous! The saline pool is warmed to 90 degrees and no chemicals :) We got there a little early, so she was plastered to the waiting room glass ready to go and giving her Abuelita and me horrible looks as to say, 'why are you keeping me from such fun?!?!?'. When it was her turn, we went in with 5 other mama/baby pairs (6 is the limit) and was introduced to her instructor, Andrew. He really has a way with kids and adults. The class is set up into stations where we practice different skills. Jumping in (Mia LOVED!), free get their bearings in the water without you holding them, laying on her belly on a flat float to get the sensation of floating on your belly without being held, the ring grab...toss different colored rings on steps so the babes could retrieve them, at their comfort level, move to a deeper step. There were songs, jet boats, slides.... Mia really enjoyed it and wasn't nervous at all. We've signed up for the rest of this class and the whole summer session! Yay Mia!

Then we all went by and said hi to Daddy, Unca Joe, Nik, Doreen and Adam. Mia said 'bye bye Da Da' it melted Daryl's heart. :)

Lora and Liam came over to drop off Mia's party goodie bag that we'd forgotten the day before and we had a wonderful little impromptu playdateJUST what I needed :) Liam and Mia really do play well together, and Lora is such a lovely friend.

Back at home, Mia napped for about 1 hour then was like on crack for the rest of the afternoon/evening. She didn't take her second nap and I was having a rough afternoon in general, so when Abuelita came back from getting her hair done, I got outta there :) I walked to the mailbox, checked out some catalogs on a park bench and chatted on the phone for a while. Then on the way home, I ran into Joseph and Ranger, two of my 8 yr old buddies down the block. They were playing catch, and asked if I wanted to play. I was all over that! They got me a glove and we tossed the baseball around for almost an hour...I did remember to call Daryl to let him know where I was :) I kept saying, 'ok, 3 more balls then I have to go home'. Their rule was that if the ball was dropped within those 3 throws, we'd have to start all over again....I left when it got dark :)

When I got home, Mia had already had her dinner and asleep in bed. Daryl is fierce!! We all sat around, chatted and watched a chick flick...again, Daryl rocks!

Today marks 3 years from the day we met so, we're on our way to a hike and picnic at Lake Georgetown...our first date :) My mom is here to spend the morning with her little girl...Mia's in the best hands, and Daryl and I are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Let me go swimming already!

Kicking on their bellies

preparing to jump

Having tons of fun singing songs

in her rocket boat-kicking

sliding goodbye