Monday, April 9, 2007

Daddy Daughter Time

Saturday Mia spent the whole day with her Daddy while I hung out with Sarah and Lori to celebrate Sarah's birthday. I had a fabulous afternoon with my friends, and Mia wore her Daddy out! Later Daryl, Mia and I watched Erik and Sarah's little Isabel so they could go out on a date :) The girls played until Mia called it quits and went to bed. The Bell, however, played and waited up till her parents came to get her. It was fun to watch Daryl interact with two little girls. He's the best Daddy in the world.

Here are a few pics of Mia helping Daddy change a light bulb (she climbed up and back down by herself...a few times), Mia and Daddy reading a book after a nap, Daddy teaching Mia how to use a hammer, and Mia hanging out with The Bell.