Thursday, April 19, 2007

ants, but not in her pants!

We had a pretty eventful day yesterday. We started at the Dr.'s office to make sure Mia didn't have an ear infection. She's only had one, but it really snuck up on us. It ends up she's teething, again. This time it's definitely her 2 yr molars! It's been a little hard on her, but then she's done with teething forever.

When we got home, Mia wanted to play in the backyard. After applying sunscreen, getting juice, water and sunglasses, we were outside! Mia checked out her sand box, then decided to say hi to our neighboring dogs through the fence. She never goes over there, but she was lucky enough to find something new to play with. A piece of poo! Niles always goes out of range and I'm able to clean it up, but not this time. In the house to wash her hands in a flash! That's when I noticed her hands had been bitten by ants. She had red splotches and white bumps. I rubbed on some stuff that works in about 5 minutes, but then you never feel the sting, itch again. It must have worked, bc Mia hasn't even noticed the bites.

poor baby

you are so not my Mama

After a loooooooooooooong nap...from 11:30 to a little after 3pm! we got ready for our visit from Amanda. Her Matt has been out of town on business in Ireland for 2 1/2 weeks, so we invited her over for dinner. We all walked down to the mailbox for a walk and some fresh air, while waiting for Daryl to get home, then we hung out and snack while Daddy grilled. Mia was a little shy of Amanda at first. Mia wrapped her arms around one of my legs and buried her head for a few seconds, then they were friends and played and laughed. The company and dinner were both great. Daryl did the honors of cleaning up the kitchen while Amanda and I gave Mia a bath. It was nice chatting and stuff, it had been a while. So, Amanda got to see how we lived with the little Snapper :) Oh, she brought the BEST brownies in the world...Sarah would have loved them, she loves brownies :)

The Grillmeister

We read stories while Mia had her milk, then brush teeth and off to bed. It's hard going to other people's homes, especially since Mia got mobile, but we realized it sure is easy to have company over.