Sunday, April 22, 2007

Since Friday....

...Mia had her second swim class on Friday, and truly loved it. She was so ready to go and she really doesn't hold anything back. I was totally surprised when she went a little further under the water on her jump than I had expected. Andrew, the instructor, reminded me that my reaction, good or bad, really affects Mia, so I needed to stifle my nervousness for 30 min and let the little fish swim. Oh, Mia turned 15 months old. Friday afternoon I really wanted to get together with friends (Mia really wanted to play outside...always hanging out by the window, but we were still treating the ants), but Lori was closing on her house (Yay Lori, Josh & Livie!!), Isabel was teething, and Suzy was packing for Florida. *NOTE: Suzy is going to Florida to visit family for 3 weeks! How wonderful for her and Livie, but we'll really miss them. I miss them already! Suzy, when you read this, say hi to Danielle, Jennifer and your folks for me :) Hope Livie has a great time with her cousins!

When Daryl got home, we hit the Waterloo Ice House @ Parmer & Avery Ranch. It was a 50 minute wait. Did it bug us? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooope! They have a great playscape that was crawling with kids and parents that actually kept up with their kids. Because there were so many kids, Mia had a shadow the whole time, but did climb up and slide a few times. We'll be back!
Saturday was crazy fun! Daryl was on full time daddy duty while I went over to Sarah's for chai. It's always a blast hanging and chatting with these girls. Lori brought some tasty breakfast sweets & I brought my choc chip banana bread fresh from the oven. Well, after chatting the morning away and almost falling asleep with Isabel, I had to hurry home to pick up the fam and head out to Dripping Springs for their Founder's Day Festival. After we had to head back home for the stroller, we were on the road again to meet up with Dee, Tom, Laura, Joe, Melissa and Gwen. It was a perfect day. Overcast and breezy. Mia had her first taste of funnel cake and we all got to visit a little. Gwen had a little stranger anxiety, so I wasn't able to hold her. I've only held her a few times, so I sure am looking forward to snuggling up to the sweetie and getting to know her and not be such a stranger. We all walked around checking out the booths and Nana bought Mia a sweet flower/ribbon halo...for the angel of course :) and then Mia let Nana and I hold her hands while we walked a bit, then she wanted to do it all herself.
After the festival we went back to Tom and Dee's. They're really doing some amazing and fast work on the add-on to the house. Mia actually chased the bigger chickens a little and hung out with her little chick. She's getting the hang of 'gentle' pretty well. It was so nice just to sit back and relax. Mia stalked the guys until they let her play on the pool table :) Then off to home and when Mia hit her bed, she was out!
Daryl got some daddy-daughter time this morning while I went shopping. When I came home, Daryl told me that Mia got cold, went and got her jammies, took them to him, sat down and put her head down (that's how we dress her...head first). It was so sweet. Also, as Suzy warned me, it's the Daddy Show. She couldn't do anything without her Daddy for the rest of the day. I love that they were able to spend such wonderful bonding time together and are so very close. Yeah, he's a super dad..didn't fall far from the tree. Tom is so amazing with Mia, so natural and loving. She's so lucky to have such a warm and loving family.

p.s. Bart, their 19 year old cat died Saturday of old age. Bart was always so loving and friendly. On the arm of the sofa, ready to be pet. He will be missed.

Mia with Bart when she was 9 months old.

Little duck ready for a dip

Can I go out and play, Mama, pleeeeeease?

I'm gonna get you!

Mia and her shadow at Waterloo

Yes, my husband is this handsome

Gals strollin along (Mia with her 'Mia' bloomers)

First funnel cake, but surely not the last

Princess Nana

Two little teapots

Chasing the bawk bawks


morecoffee said...

Um, I think that's the cutest bathing suit I have ever seen. And when you're including bathing suits for toddlers, that's saying a lot. They're ALL cute, but that one is the CUTEST!