Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Liam!!!

Mia's friend, Liam, turned one today and we got to help celebrate! After a makeup class at the Little Gym, we headed on over to rock the party :)

Speaking of rockin, Lora got a sassy new haircut! She went from ponytail mom to a hot's all spikey and piecey like a rock star! Great short cut for summer. Ok, enough about the hair. Ohhhhhh they had a bubble machine. The kids really dug it and Mia did too, but she was right in the flow and pretty much got her hair washed :)

Yummy snacks, tasty cupcakes and such fabulous friends to hang out with. The kids were playful but mellow, oh, except for Samuel. He got hit in the head a couple of times, and it add insult to injury...he had just come from getting his 15 month shots. Poor sweetie. Mia insisted on walking around and showing all the mamas that she was holding a frog in her mouth. I think this was the most fun she's had with so many kids. I talked to my Mom about it and she thinks it's because standing and walking around puts her at a higher level and she may not feel like such a victim. Anyway, she was very confident today and had so much fun.
My Mom is driving up here right now! Isn't that exciting? Mia is napping to prepare for the Abuelita and her Max.

Mia (frog in mouth) & Lauren

Mama & Mia

Rockin' Mama Lora & Birthday Boy Liam

Keitha & her Samuel

Yay buuuuuuuubbles!

Kaylee & her Mama Lauren

Kaylee, Ana, Kanai, Mia & Liam