Monday, April 2, 2007

Romping around

I just had to ask Daryl if the backyard water fun was on Saturday or was Saturday. Daryl mowed the lawn earlier that morning, so it was ready for visitors.

We suited Mia up in her rash guard, shorts and so much sunblock she turned a lighter shade of pale. The swimming pool was full, but the water hadn't sat in the sun long enough to warm up (we did this around 5 pm), but Daddy introduced Mia to the sprinkler. She played with balls and buckets and water, water, water!

Sunday: My sweet husband made blueberry pancakes. My favorite. Mia enjoys them, too. After a bath, she was still purple tinged.

We hit Ready, Set, Play! A place full of inflatable giant slides, crawl Mazes, moonwalks... There were only about 5 other kids there, and they were older, so they stuck to the larger jumpers. Mia hung out in the kiddie area complete with a ball pit, but then she saw the giant slide! I took Mia up and she came sliding down all by herself. Daddy caught her at the bottom. We went up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down :) Mia couldn't stop smiling, giggling and crawling back to the stairs for more, and it was a great workout for me! We had dinner out and then headed home. While Daryl was carrying her in the house, she kept saying 'night night'.

Today: Daddy was back at work and Mia and I were back at the Y for Baby Bumpers. She played very well with Jason (a boy about Mia's age we know through Lapsit at the library). He kept trying to stack the orange pylons while Mia diligently unstacked them. A great team! Of course we had to hit the inflatable bouncer there...

We drove by another beautiful bluebonnet field.... Mia takes after her Daddy and loves to eat the flowers :)

Oh, we had a blast at Half Price Books. They had a mess of little stuffed bookmarks that Mia thoroughly enjoyed flinging them out of the bin, not as much fun putting them in, but then she got to take them out again. Learning all about the concepts of 'out' & 'in' is FUN! Mia is now enamored with a cow puppet.

After dinner, Daryl installed Mia's new birthday swing (thanks Aunt Janice and Memaw!) after dinner, but Mia was so wiped, she went to bed before she could even try it out. Be on the look out for swing pics.