Friday, April 27, 2007

shots, boo boos and zombies

Day 2 of the move for the Andersons and Sarah and I chipped in by watching Livie while the movers moved. We hopped over to Sarah & Isabel's pad after Mia's 15 month check-up.

On the check-up note, all is well in toddlerhood. Mia is NOT getting her second set of molars, but is still teething up a storm with the lower left canine that has reared it's pointy little head, and the the lower right, that is still just puffy and awefully painful. Apparently Mia will be hurtin till the teeth come all the way out not just erupt. Not fun! She's in the 50% (we compare %'s from her last visits to make sure she's growing properly...not a contest) for height and weight, so she's stretching taller, and 75% for the size of her noggin....does anyone know who may have a sizable head around here?... Joe? Tom? All the more room for her big brain :) Mia received 2 more shots and a finger prick to check out her iron levels. Daryl was able to meet Mia's Dr and was impressed. Mia loves her froggy stethoscope :)

After the visit, Mia and I hightailed it over to help Sarah with the kids. We figured 2 mamas vs 3 toddlers are better odds than 1 against 2. We all walked over to the park, where the girls had a fun ole time climbing and exploring. One mama of twins came over to compliment us on how we let the girls explore and try new things without being up their butts. She actually said we were inspirational :)

There were only 2 casualties today, speaking of letting them roam, Livie fell while holding a sippy cup and slightly busted her upper lip and while Mia was rock climbing, she slipped and cracked her head. We were a little disappointed that Isabel didn't have any battle wounds. She was busy making sure that she the balls that we brought were accounted for...and helping console our injured daredevils....oh, don't worry she dares to climb all over the playscape and hanging off the edge of the open areas to say 'hi'.

We headed back to Sarah's for lunch. The girls ate well and Sarah cooked us up some sweet potato fries and, very tasty, but if you're wondering what I'm doing up at this hour, those spicy black bean burgers give me the worst (painful, not smelly) gas!!! The oh, so tired girls forwent their naps and played and played and played then played some more. No naps were taken today, could you blame them with so much fun going on? So, they just ended up waling around the apartment like little zombies. Lori came by to tell us all about her moving woes and ply us with Silk chai....mmm good and maybe one other reason I'm still up :) Caffeine at 3pm, never works out in my favor.

Around 4pm we went home & Mia crashed for about an hour once she was snug in her own bed. Then fun with Daddy and a conversation with her Uelita on the phone, Goodnight Moon book (which she calls 'moo boo' (oh, Mia's vocabulary is through the roof says her Dr....I'm bragging a little) and then night night for the snapper.

Livie diggin the park

Rock climbing

The Snapper is out there somewhere enjoying a little moment of solitude

Old grannies

pebble fun

snack time

enjoying the Bell's fridge toy