Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shoe Fetish

While I was hanging up some laundry in the closet this afternoon, Mia helped me by 'reorganizing' a couple of shelves worth of my shoes. I'm glad the boots are down low and the nice ones are up high :)

Lori recently blogged about her top 10 list of her fav things Livie does. I think I'll borrow that idea. Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say.
(written to Mia)
I love when:
  • You look out the kitchen window on your tippy toes & look back at me ~ letting me know that you want to go out and play....it doesn't matter if it's raining, either.
  • You 'help' me type while I'm emailing. Many friends & family members have read your special little footnotes.
  • You love the the water to rain down on you when you're in the shower.
  • You get to the front hall ASAP when 'Da' comes home, reach up and say 'Da' (pick me up now).
  • You take turns. When brushing your teeth, you open up and say ahhhh and let me brush then it's 'Mia's turn' and you brush for a while...Or sucking snot out of your nose, you let me use the bulb, then you used to love to stick it in your mouth, but now you just hold it and smile until it's 'Mama's turn'. If there's anyone else at the table, you let them have a turn, too. With the toothbrush that is.
  • After you've been sipping on a sippy cup that has a straw, you suck in your food really fast at meal times. You make this cute noise, and you move very fast.
  • When Daddy or I'm in the shower and you're on the outside, you throw in your bath toys one by one. Thanks sweetie :)
  • You reach out and gently poke our face parts...nose, mouth, eyes, ears and you especially LOVE your Daddy's eyebrows.
  • Every time you wake up you love snuggling in my arms, sipping on your juice and we read book after book.
  • When you settle in to sleep at night, we can hear you through the monitor. You go over all the words you know and put 'Mama' & 'Dada' in there often as well...'Mama, teta, Dada (Daddy), dah (dog), bah (ball), Da (Dada), Mama, Ni (Niles), Ta (Uelita), Mama, Ma (Max), Da, papa, bur (bird), tata (tiger), Dada....until you gently, softly fade off.


dina said...

I place my josef seibel shoes collections in the same ordered manner....