Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Under the weather

It's a grey day, and it's pretty fitting bc Mia woke up (at 9:45 - almost sleeping for 15 hours!) very snotty and with a low grade fever. It's rainy so we can't play outside, and we can't do anywhere bc she's sick. We're trying to make the most of it. Mia's been very snugly and we've been reading every book in the house, some twice or three times. I built a pyramid of pillows for her to attack and climb, but she'd just rather snuggle. She's usually on the go, so it's been nice.

We had an awesome time with my Mom this weekend. Daryl and I ran errands, went out for lunch and grabbed some play sand for Mia's sand box. We installed it all, watched her go up and take the sand from the box and throw it in the yard! :) Glad we got a few extra bags. She climbed up to the top of the pile and played with her shovels and buckets. She really digs transferring sand from empty yogurt container to a small clear plastic container. She only tried to eat the sand once. Once was enough, and she'd rather not have seconds thank you very much. After the sand box exploration, Daryl and I went to the Drafthouse for dinner and a movie. I LOVE when my mom is here! She's the best baby sitter!

She left Sunday and took her little Max with her. Mia crawled around looking for her 'Ta' (short for Abuelita) and 'Ma' ( well, that's Max). Daryl, Mia and I spent the evening out in the backyard. Mia played around and Daryl sparked up the grill. It really is nice to sit back and watch your family enjoying life.

Oh, Mia has been diligently trying to walk from one surface to another. Going from the patio to the grass can be tricky :) Blustering wind doesn't help, either.

It's my shovel!

Not so tasty sand

out goes the sand!