Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Potpourri

Since we had planned to be at Ita's house on Christmas, The Gleinsers all met at Nana and Pawpaws the Saturday before for some love and gift exchange. Shortly into the visit, Nana took a nasty spill and ended up being taken away by an ambulance..thankfully Melissa was in the back room with girls...so they didn't see all the pain Nana went through while being put on the stretcher. It ended up she had torn her hamstring in THREE places! She's much better now, but our celebration was put on hold until later. I got about three pictures before she fell.

For Mia's main Christmas gift, we got her a doll house that Daddy got to assemble. He did it with such loving care and it was ready for her when she woke up Sunday morning (Christmas in the Valley, so we did our Christmas on Sunday morning)

ohhhh yes. We decided on a gag gift for Mia's dear teacher, Ms Andrea. She's all about children having very healthy snacks and lunches, so we thought a Lunchable would be funny. We supplemented it with a wonderful massage gift certificate from the talented and loving Sara Ballard.

While Mia was in school that day, I was able to hop down to the annual Armadillo Bazaar downtown. Amongst all the wonderfulness, was the super fab live music of The Band of Heathens. I bought myself a cd...and one for my BIL, Joe.

ok, I also bought myself ( I actually got them as gifts, but changed my mind..all MINE!) some chocolate from the local chocolatier Arte y Chocolate. Mmmm my new favorite chocolates. They actually taste better than they look!

Mia sporting one of the many caps I purchased from a vendor at the bazaar. She recycles sweaters into super cute hats and scarves.

Well, due to a cold with a 103 degree fever, we were unable to travel down to the Valley for Christmas. The wonderful this is that Ita jumped a plane and was here the day after Christmas until the following Monday! So, when we got back together with the Gleinsers for our holiday do-over, Mia got BOTH of her grandmas!!!! She was delighted, as were her Nana and Ita.

Mia finally got to try out the sandbox that Pawpaw had built for the girls. Ita helped her find some oh so pretty rocks.

She was more than upset when she couldn't go for a swing. It was toooo cold out and we'd forgotten her sweater at home. Poor thing.

Luckily Aunt Janice was in town and captivated Mia with her watch. It never occurred to me that since Daryl and I both use our cell phones for the time, she'd never really messed with a watch.

Mia got some super quality time with her Memaw. Memaw showed her some pictures and helped her open some gifts she'd made. Memaw, with a little help, made some fancy shmancy barrettes for Mia and knitted a cap and two pairs of booties for baby Lily...Lily is the name we decided on for our new little one.

I whipped up some calendars of Mia for everyone. Nana's fave was the shot of Mia picking her nose!

super sweet Pawpaw putting a barrette in Mia's hair.

ahhh some more pictures of our Christmas morning. Mia is in LOVE with her camera!

I usually don't pick favorites, but this year my favorite gift was from my darling Mia. She'd gone shopping with her daddy, and picked out a beautiful snow globe for me. The scene was of Santa delivering gifts while two little girl figures were asleep on the sofa. I asked Mia if they were her and me. No. Her and a doll. No. She said it was 'Mama holding baby Lily'. *sniff* That's one moment I'll never forget. Ever.

Mia digs her first piggy bank and kept asking her daddy for 'more coins, please'

So, I super spoiled my darling husband this year. One of his gifts was the Wii Fit. I LOVE this shot of Mia standing on a box so she could be 'just like daddy'

The best Wii fit moment so far has to be when I came downstairs to catch him doing the tree pose! Daryl, doing yoga?!?! He said he always thought it was a laugh, but it ended up being pretty challenging :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful holiday you all had!

I love, LOVE the name Lily. I went "Awwww..." When I read that was her name. I can't wait to meet her.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

LOL, love the calendar & Mia's own Wii fit stand :)

Christina said...

What a lot of wonderful Christmas moments! I'm always amazed by how many geat pictures you get.

Oh, and Lilly - I love it!!

Anonymous said...

So many wonderful shots/memories!

Andrea said...

This post was like reading a story, one accompanied with perfect photos.

What I love about Lily is that in Spanish, it's short for Liliana too. But I know your bean is Lily, which I love love love.

Andrea said...

OMG. I forgot to post about the gag gift. That is a TERRIBLE photo of me. You know the rules cabrona!