Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Trimming & Cookie Baking

This year, Mia is a BIG help. She wants to be right in the middle of everything. She's enjoyed laying under the tree while I was putting all the lights up. Daryl topped it very nicely with our's only fallen on me once. Mia was soooo cute trying to hang ornaments on the tree. Her first one, a red apple, she hung on the tippy tip of a light bulb. Then she moved on to attaching ornaments to the wires of the lights instead of the tree branches. Oh, and ALL the snowmen and to be a centimeter apart! Mia's totally into my snow globe collection. She'll sit on the floor with one for a loooong time just turning it over and watching the snow slowing fall...the ones with a music box in the base are her favorites. She's only broken they are up on the counter and will be moved down per her at at time while supervised :)

Then we baked many many many sugar cookies in the shapes of snowflakes, candy canes and christmas trees. I'm waiting for a peaceful block of time this week to sit down with her and decorate away. She had her own little rolling pin, but I LOVED when she used mine that my mom gave to's what she used while I was growing up...very sentimental.

p.s. anytime we do anything christmassy, Mia wants to wear her elf helper hat. I sometimes don my santa hat, but it's a little itchy


Andrea said...

We had our tree fall over one year too. It was a HUGE Tree and half our ornaments broke since it was on the wood floor.

Love the effects with the christmas lights in the first pic. GREAT shot with Mia baking.

Anonymous said...

O maybe I've asked you this before, but what kind of camera do you have?

Great pictures!

Christina said...

Isn't Christmas just SO MUCH FUN with a kid this age? I love her excitement. The elf hat is adorable - we need a picture of you modeling the santa hat, too. Nadia did the same thing, haging ornaments from the lights. hehe!

Christina said...

oh, and it should go without saying...but, LOVE all the photos. So sweet and fun and Christmas-y!

Jennifer Hoech said...

The hat is a keeper! Wait, it doesn't have bells does it?