Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Mia and her family

Around this time last year, the McGuire's had a Mia. Through our O'Mama mother's group, I signed up to bring them a meal. That was our first and incredibly fun meeting. I feel a kinship to them, well because, they named their beautiful daughter, Mia...just like ours. So, a year later, I found myself on a little photo shoot with this lovely family in their warm home and at a chilly park. To say it was fun would be a HUGE understatement! I adore this family and loved taking their pictures :) Here are a few of my favorites.


Andrea said...

What fun!

I love the one of Mia looking down, and the one of them kissing, oh and the one of the leaves.

What a great job mamita!
They must love them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Tanya...just beautiful! You captured their love for each other and the family as a whole. Great job!

Joanna said...

Her little dress is absolutely precious. The pictures of the 3 of them are so wonderful, but I am in love with the last one. I can totally feel pure joy coming out of that shot. EXCELLENT capture!

Christina said...

What a darling family!! I love the kissing one, and the last one with the leaves is just perfection. You captured them so well.How fun that you're doing some shoots now!!

Merry Christmas!!

jw said...

oMg!! Incredible job.. but who is surprised? You always take fabulous photos!! I love the one of mom and dad kissing. They're all just so great!

Sara Ballard said...

SO cute... all of them! Lovely job mama!!!