Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Cookies 2008 (aka Sprinkle Time!)

Mia and I baked up some holiday cookies...regular sugar cookies in the shapes of candy canes and trees then some gingerbread men. Mixing, rolling, cutting out and baking the dough was I thought. Then came the SPRINKLES!!!!

I'm not sure when the last time was that we had that much fun! Mia's sprinkle theory: icing, sprinkles for me, sprinkles for cookie, sprinkles for cookie!

In the time it took Mia to decorate one cookie, I did about 25! She's serious about her sprinkles. We may have to have a sprinkle intervention...scroll down to see why! What's even more hilarious was when she 'found' sprinkles on the rug and told Niles (our dog), 'NO! those are MY sprinkles!!!' and then ate a bunch more! tis the season :)


Anonymous said...

Mmm, so cookies look SOO SOO good!!! Whoa... sugar overload with the sprinkles.. tee hee!

Andrea said...

LOVE this!

Christina said...

Hey girl, been to busy to stop by in a while, but I LOVE all the fun holiday and playdate stuff you've been doing, and all the awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

(licking screen)