Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cookie Family

I've been wanting to post about these cookies for a couple of that everyone has their cookies, I can! It all started when Daryl, Mia and I sat down to ice some gingerbread cookies. They started out like random gingerbread men...then Daryl made one with a UT shirt on...I made one of the end, every family member got a cookie of themselves for Christmas :)

Daryl posing with the cookie I'd iced in his image

Mia HAD to show off her cookie just like Daddy did
Mia quite intent on icing a cookie that she'd already sampled!

(from top left) Daryl with UT shirt and Blackberry in hand, Me with camera, Mia with kitty cat

(from bottom left) Pawpaw with is Ron Paul shirt on, Nana with her glass of red wine, Joe in suit and holding his blackberry, Melissa with a book in hand (I added a set of knitting needles and scarf later), Gwen with messy hands from painting :) (I'd also made one of Memaw, but it didn't make the photo shoot)

Mike the fisherman, Tia Mae who's pregnant, and Ita with her beloved dog, Max even our sweet Ms. Andrea from Casa T got a cookie with an Om symbol on her shirt, a paintbrush and painting


Anonymous said...

wow, you know that took a steady hand!

VERY cute idea

Sara Ballard said...

may I just say... I love the one of Andrea :) so impressive and very lifelike! ;) Those are adorable, I bet they were delicious to boot! yum-my!

Andrea said...

The thoughtfulness (is that a word?) that you put into my cookie, means SO much!!

Sophia ate it.

Melissa said...

The cookies are adorable.... loved the details. Thanks!!

Christina said...

Aw man, Tanya, these are so sweet! And absolutely delicious looking. :o) What a wonderful gift.