Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Solstice

Even though the Winter Solstice this year was on Sunday morning, there was a Solstice party out on the lake Friday night. The Djembabes played (including a talented and soulful sax player), there was an amazingly beautiful and fluid fire dancer, food, dancing & cavorting, friends and a wonder full presence around. Sherry, my drumming instructor, has such a beautiful way with words, and one of my highlights of the evening was when she paid homage to the Earth, Seasons and Winter Solstice. The neighbors had a slight issue with the noice, but the Westlake police officers were incredibly understanding and kinda wanted to join the party :)

Here's one of my favorite links to explain what Winter Solstice is all about. Now, I need to talk with those Djembabes about back lighting on a dark night! The only decent shots are from when the fire dancers' flames got close :) As usual, there are more shots here.


Andrea said...

LOVE the last 5 shots.

Love the djembabes too!

Joanna said...

The flame or the light shots are so cool!