Thursday, December 11, 2008

I ain't too proud to beg

My dear friend and super duper photographer, Bonnie Berry, is hosting a contest....if you vote for photo 12....the shot of Mia and I, and we win, then we'll get a shot from our sitting on CANVAS!!! What's funny is that photo of us is one of my all time faves, and that's the shot from the sitting that I'd pick :)

So, here's the LINK to VOTE...PLEASE!!!!

I wish I could post the shot, but I can't, sooooo please go check it out, and please vote for PHOTO 12 :)



Joanna said...

I voted! Its an adorable shot and would be great to have hung in your home. Good Luck!

Christina said...

Woohoo! I voted - and you're in second place right now, keep on begging and you can pull off a win! Good luck. Super cute photo, it'd be great on canvas!