Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mia's New House

After Little gym today (which was fun and fabulous), we hopped over to Kid to Kid resale shop for a look around. Another mama was there with her little boy and his Grandma. They spied, on a very high shelf, a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House...something that's been on our shopping list for months, but I just couldn't spend $65 on it. While they were checking it out, Mia and I were pretending we didn't want it and were looking at other toys. They underestimated our sneakiness! After deciding that $30 was too much for it (they had NO idea!), they went on to other things. As soon as they stepped out the door, I snatched it up! The shopkeeper and asst. knew how much it was worth, obviously, and praised me for my stealth shopping :) So, Mia has a new house!

Mia crashed for her nap right when we got home, but it was all ready to go when she got up. The house is very cool. It has a mailbox which she checked, and mail which she read. A working doorbell, shape sorter, window blind that goes up and down, a clock, working entry light with an on/off switch, a water drainage pipe where balls shoot out of.... and it plays music...oh, it also has an intercom that plays music and other stuff. I think Mia digs it as much as I do :)
Here's a pic of Mia checking the mail


Lori and Josh said...

cute! love the new house! glad abuelita is coming to visit, but that means we won't see you girls for another week, doesn't it?!?!

Lori and Josh said...

oh, and niles is dashingly handsome!