Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fun with family

We had the most wonderful day yesterday at Gram & Gramp's house yesterday.

Tom was suffering...really suffering from the flu. He stayed in bed so we wouldn't give anyone his germs. We missed him so much! Mia's already had her flu shot, so there wouldn't be a problem visiting her Grampa, but he just wasn't up for it. We did get an email from him this morning saying he was feeling better. We'll get to see him all we want at the coast this weekend :)

Janice was in town for a visit and for a belated birthday celebration for Mia. She and Memaw were able to take the 1/2 deflated balloons back and have them inflated again plus they got 2 more! Mia LOVES balloons and has been playing with them a lot today. Every now and then she'll look at them as if she's counting them to make sure they're there. Janice and I were able to visit quite a bit. We hadn't seen each other since Memaw's big birthday bash in August.

Lunch was great as always. Dee did all the cooking and didn't burn a thing! Tom usually bugs her about her abilities in the kitchen, but she does an amazing job :) I got seconds...okay, thirds. I couldn't help it. Oh, I remembered to bring the rest of the banana chocolate chip bread I baked on Friday. It's better share than eat it all :)

Mia played and played and played. She spent a lot of time with her Grandma. Hanging upside down like a monkey, taking a few sips of watered down tea from her Grandma's glass, getting tickled.... She played with the toys that Grandma has, the new baby doll and poodle that Janice and Memaw got her for her birthday, the balloons, with everyone....even Richard!

Well, until he made her cry. :) Mia was busy untieing his shoe laces and all was fine. Then she tried to put them in her mouth and Richard said 'no'. So, Mia tried again, and again Richard said 'no'. Well, she looked around and then just burst into tears. It was the saddest/funniest thing! She just couldn't believe he told her 'no'. She chews on Daddy's all the time :) We feel that a few germs here and there will actually boost their immunities in the long run.

Greg came over and played some pool. We all just hung around visiting and watching Mia! great time!


Lori and Josh said...

this sounds like a very fun weekend with the exception of not being able to chew shoe laces!

i have beaucoup swim diapers for you...will get them to you before friday!