Thursday, March 29, 2007

This week so far....

... has been pretty interesting. Mia's walking about 20 % of the time and taking long crawling rests in between. The closest thing I can compare it to is learning a new sport...say snow skiing. It takes a while to get the nerve up and you fall a lot, but it's fun so you try again, then you're skiing! You get home, pass out and wake up sore as hell! I don't remember learning how to walk, but I think it's something like that :)

I've put the camera down for a little bit. I just noticed when I thought about blogging, but didn't have any new shots of Miss Mia. We've been a little under the weather lately, no need for more snot shots. Daryl and I aren't sure if Mia and I are sharing a slight cold or allergies. Oak is extremely high this week. I took some allergy meds this morning and am feeling pretty good, but a little shaky. At least it's given me plenty of energy to tackle some laundry :)

My mom and Mae are taking advantage of Mae's spring break and are off on a long cruise. I haven't talked with mom since Sunday, and am definitely feeling some major mama withdrawal symptoms. I miss her so much!!!! Some much needed R&R for both Mae and mom, but I can't wait till they get back and tell me all about their adventures.

I feel like I'm in the middle of some sort of transition. Not going to all playdates we're invited to.... Now that Mia's walking, I'm realizing that she just isn't a baby anymore. I've been lamenting a bit, but also realizing that a great big world is waiting for us to explore together...and Mia on her own. It's hard to explain properly. Daryl and I have noticed how much she's changed lately. Investigation is Mia's new favorite pastime. She's such a pleasure to be around, and I'm cherishing this time with her. We didn't go to a single activity this week. Now, I think we're getting a smidge of cabin fever and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things next week...oh, swing. We did hit the park this week. Just a lot of mama and Mia time.

Now that GCS is settled into their new office, Daryl has been getting home earlier and we've had some sweet family moments. Ask him how he felt when Mia, while sitting in his lap, snuggled him forever. He loves being a Daddy, and it shows :)