Monday, March 5, 2007

Teething & Slides

These are some of Mia's teeth ---->

She has some others coming through at the moment. On Saturday, her left top canine finally broke through, so now she's working on her right canine and two more molars!!! These two molars we speak of are part of what are called the Two Year Molars. Molars that usually come out when they are two NOT 13 months! At the rate she's going she'll be done with them all in a month or two!!!

The reason I'm talking about this is because she just was not herself today. She was fussy, fussy, fussy. We did our usual Monday things like lapsit @ the library and gymnastics play @ the Y. Wait a minute, I HAVE to tell you about the slide. We were in the two story inflatable jumper thingy they have at the Y. Last week she bounced around a bit, but she wasn't even close to figuring out the ladder to get to the slide. Even the two year olds have problems. So, we saw Libby (a mama friend we met there) pick up her little girl, Addison, hold her on her hip with one arm and walk right up the ladder while bracing herself on the netting with the other hand.

So, I scooped up Mia and...wait, Libby had done this before, it wasn't so easy, the footing was slippery, I had to really lean forward or we'd both tumble backward, the netting is so not stable, but we did it! I plopped Mia between my legs and we slid! Um, did she enjoy it? I don't know, I couldn't see her face :) but Libby saw and said Mia was grinning ear to ear. So up we went again. This time I told Mia to stay and I slid down first, because I wanted to see her face, well I guess she didn't wait because she slammed into my back laughing as hard as I'd ever heard her laugh. So up we went again, and this time I pushed her way back so I had a long enough headstart, but when I got to the bottom, she had wanted to go so badly that she lunged foward and went down head first with the biggest smile on her face! We ended up going down another 3-4 times then I was just done. It's a workout!

See, telling this fun story almost made me forget about Mia's horrible mood later in the day, but it just doesn't matter now :)


Lori and Josh said...

omigod, that slide sounds fun! yes, it's a hell of a workout lugging your 26-pound (in my case) babe up a flight of stairs so you can go weeeeee all the way down, but very worth it. i find that i need to bone up on my stamina so that livie can have the appropriate amount of fun. please take your camera next week and ask libby to get a pic of this!

oh, mia! what's up with all the teeth, girlfriend?! poor gleinser family. i hope the snapper gets to feeling like herself again soon.

in the mean time, livie has 8 teeth and that's all she wants, apparently. no more teeth for us :-) ha!