Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We're all still getting over this weekend. My back is so stiff and sore, Mia's naps are a little off and we're trying to catch up on sleep. The Y activities this week were postponed due to spring break stuff, so Mia and I are floundering a bit. Our schedule isn't set in stone, but consistency does help. Now the weather is yucky, so parks are out and school kids are probably all over the indoor play places. So, we're just chillin' at home waiting for a visit from Mia's Abuelita. She's coming tomorrow!!! I have plans to organize the house, get a haircut, massage....while she cares for Mia. Oh, Max is coming, too! Yay! A playmate for Mia and Niles :)

Speaking of Niles, he spent the weekend at a kennel. Daryl was so cute when we dropped him off. I stayed in the car with Mia and Daryl took Niles in. When he got back in the car he informed me that he's scheduled playdates for him on Saturday and Sunday :) What a great Daddy! So, while we were at the coast, Niles was maxin & relaxin at in his hotel room taking breaks for playdates and spa treatments (he went next door to Two Chicks Grooming on Monday before we picked him up). Very handsome!