Thursday, March 1, 2007

Players at the Playdate!

Wow, I'm exhausted...I know I always say that, but you try keeping up with a 13 month old and all of her mates!

We hosted 9 beautiful Mamas & their 9 amazing babies (some not so much babies any more!) today. Mamas chatted, snacked and watched the silly babies have a blast. It was nice having friends sure does make me clean my house :)

Mia shared her toys very well, but wasn't about to share her snacks, and I don't blame her a bit. She fell asleep before everyone left and woke up looking for her little friends.

So much happened, but I'm way too tired to write, so I'll just upload some pics for you to enjoy.

Sarah & Lige

Sorry, I'm off to bed, but there are more pics from today's playdate on flickr...hit the pic box found somewhere down the right column :)