Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eventful Dinner @ The Gleinser's

First, Mia has graduated from her baby highchair to her big girl booster! The straps on the highchair broke and we were unable to keep her from standing up and twirling around in the chair. Did I mention it was a 'high' chair? Very high off the ground! So, she's now strapped into her booster (we got two - two booster seats for $8 off craigslist! they were moving). She enjoyed it and was able to feed Niles her food easier. So, Niles now waits in the living room or outside (if he starts whining) until we are finished with our family meals. (notice the lonely highchair in the background)

Remember the snack bowl Mia was eating out of in the car earlier today? Well, somebaby left it out and Niles got his big schnoz stuck in it while trying to pilfer some tasty snacks. He was of course, caught red handed...or nosed :)

Caught !


Lori and Josh said...

wow! look at the snapper being all big and self sufficient! go, mia, go!

hee hee! well, i hope niles at least got a couple snacks to justify the stuck nose :-)