Monday, March 19, 2007

The Abuela has left the building :(

My mom left about an hour ago. It was hard to see her drive off, but the visit was so full of special moments that I went ahead and let her go :) I'm surprised how much stuff I can get done if I wake up before my little Mia alarm clock wakes me up anywhere between 8-9am. Snoozing the early morning away is great considering I've been going to bed so late...waiting up for my husband who's been working so hard, and did I mention late, moving and working on a difficult problem for a client. When he gets home, he's only up for about 5 min before starts snoring...but 5 min is something :) I've missed him so. Oh, Mia's missed him terribly, too. She started calling everyone, including the dogs, 'Dada'. My mom brought her to our bed Saturday morning... Dada was able to sleep til 8! Mia hit our bed, crawled over me like I was just a log in the way of her getting to her Dada. Then she cried 'MY DADA' and jumped in his awaiting arms :)
Back to the Uelita...
Mia was so happy to have her Uelita here for so long, since Wednesday! They played, my mom sang Yankee Doodle to her and Mia would sing for 'more' over and over, so what's a fabulous Uelita to do? Yankee Doodle went to town.... That song is what kept Mia happy on the ride home from seeing Daddy's new office on Saturday. My mom took Mia home and cared for her so Daryl and I could go out for dinner...all by ourselves! It sure was nice to look at each other, talk, hold hands without having to see what piece of food Mia's thrown on the floor for the imaginary dog. She 'feeds' Niles at home :) Wednesday, Mom drove up and I can't remember what time she got here and what we did. We probably chatted while she said hi to Mia. Max, my mom's dog, came along, too. Mia was ecstatic! She really enjoys playing tug 'o war with him. Thursday morning mom had her hair cut appt with Jessica, so I had Mia to myself. Oh, before that, we all went to the Little Gym, but I already wrote about, never mind :)
Friday, Max and I had hair cut appts. Not at the same place :) I was able to do a little clothes shopping all by myself! I actually stopped to look at clothes for a while and didn't have to keep moving...if Mia's in her stroller, she likes to keep on movin' Then my hair cut with Jennifer. I hadn't seen her since Thanksgiving! Entirely too, long to go without a good cut. Actually, her cut grow out so well, I only had to ponytail it for about a week. Daryl worked so late that night. He didn't come in till almost 2am! I have a hard time sleeping without him, so I BAKED! The guys at the office got some choc choc chip cookies and choc banana bread.
Saturday morning my mom meet my Uncle Jorge to go over some of my Aunt's estate stuff. Mom's the executor. Mom did let me sleep until Mia was down for her nap. Yay! a couple of free hours. So, I chatted on the phone until I realized I was late for lunch with the fam. We all meet at NXNW to celebrate Melissa's birthday and apparently our anniversary (the official date, but we celebrate big on April of our bigger wedding)...oh and St. Patrick's day. Yay for green beer! My first, but don't worry, my mouth didn't turn green :) A concern I had. Along with my green beer..ok, two green beers, I had some yummy french toast, potatoes and shared my muffin and fruit with Mia. Tom noticed I was full and with much gratitude, I shared two pieces of my french toast :) My dad always did that, so it was sweet to me. It was a great lunch. Mia and I were able to sit by Daddy. Nana was able to play with Gwen a little, and then with Mia when we got outside. We were off to see the guys' new office! Dee rode in the back with Mia and had adventures of their own!

The office was still in a state of disarray, but they had come a long way! It's mighty impressive! They guys gave their parents a tour...the 'rents were obviously impressed :) They've been working so hard in general, then the move. It was great that they were able to stand back, breathe and shine in the spotlight.

Everyone left, but I didn't want to go home yet, so we went shopping at The Domain. We ran into Loren and her MIL at Neiman's. I hadn't seen her since Mia's birthday party. We've been invited over many times, and they want us to bring Mia, but now that she's way super mobile...well, babies and electronics/cds/dvds just don't mix! I think it may be time to give our awesome babysitter, Aimee a call :) Mom's given me so much freedom lately, that I'm not sure I want to give it all up :) Mamas need some time off with their husbands. We've been planning to drop Mia off with Nana and Grandpa some Saturday, so Daryl and I can have a date, but every one's been so damn busy lately. Back to Saturday, Mia played on huge yellow armadillo at The Domain's playscape/kid area. Um, a fountain with very low stone walls...perfect for practicing those climbing skills and wanting to try out her swimming skills. After Mia was denied, it was time to head back to the office where we met up with my mom. She was also very impressed with the office, but more so that when Mia saw her come in, she made a happy beeline towards her Uelita. That's when she took Mia home and sang Yankee Doodle all the way home and Daryl and I went out for dinner :)

Sunday was a lazy day, well for Uelita a Mia. I got a lot of stuff done around the house. I've been organizing each room head to toe, but it's a very slow process when the snapper keeps pulling things out of boxes and bags :) That's were Uelita comes in. Daryl came home and then we went to the Alamo Drafthouse for some dinner and a movie. Wild Hogs was funny. Daryl had been wanting to see it since he first saw the previews. Snuggled, ate yummy food and drank some very good beer. For a Thank You, we stopped off and picked up some mango ice cream...her fav ( We stayed up late talking about motorcycles (inspired my the movie). Daryl talked about learning how to ride on his dad's and mom always had them around and was riding when she was young. She actually had bike with hippie flowers painted on the gas tank when she was fresh out of college. My mom shared how her dad was into bikes, cbs and ham radios. I don't remember much about him. He died when I was about 2 years old. From what I've heard, he was full of life and adventure :)

Now, for today these are our very tentative plans:

  1. lapsit at the library
  2. Baby Bumpers at the Y
  3. nap
  4. hang out with Lori & Sarah (finally!) and Mia's friends Livie and the Bell

Let's see what never can tell with this little snapper!


Lori and Josh said...

wow, it sounds like you guys had one heck of a week! i'm glad mia had so much fun with her abuelita! and max. and everyone got their hair did...kewl! abuelita's and max's look nice...where's yours?

okay, what's up with the fountains in the kids' area at domain! we went there friday and got a LOT of exercise keeping the kids out of the water, out of the gas fireplace, away from the stairs, and so on. livie also REALLY liked the armadillo, but trying to get into the water was her favorite. i think it was isabel's favorite too.

looking forward to seeing you ladies today!