Sunday, December 2, 2007

and here's the rest of the weekend

The tree is up! It only fell on me twice. Now it's strapped and wighted, so there's nothing that will bring that thing over. At last count there were a little over 1,800 little lights on there, so the ornaments were taking second place, but just kept adding ornaments :) The mantle, counter, front table, banisters and door are all done and sparkly :)

I finished wrapping up some gifts, and got those stuck under the tree. We wanted all the decorating be be finished before Mia came home 1) to see her face when she walked it 2) because we didn't want her all twisted up in lights :)

Oh, I totally forgot something that we did yesterday. I've been wanting to go for forever, and since we were alone, we could actually go TARGET SHOOTING!!!! We saw the sign for
Red's Indoor Range and pulled on in. The only target shooting I've ever done was at my Uncle's ranch and that was forever ago. So, we signed our waivers, got our protective ear and eye wear, rented a handgun just like Daryl's, got some ammo and went shooting! I had the best time with everything from loading the clip, firing, and re-loading. It takes a little longer than in the movies :) When we were finished, we checked out the info about a concealed handgun license. Daryl already has his.
Sunday, Daryl and I finally got it together and headed out to Dripping Springs to visit with family and pick up the snapper. Joe, Melissa and Gwen were there when we got there, so we heard stories of how the girls played together. When Mia woke up , she she'd us how she chalks her cue and 'pokes' the balls on the pool table.

We hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Mia is so relaxed here, it's like her second home. Dee and Tom really engage with her, and Mia's needs, wants and desires are always met. Yes, she gets a tad bit spoiled here, but what are Nana & Paw Paw's for? Daryl was able to climb up in the attic to get cable hooked up in the pool room.

I went outside with Mia and her Paw Paw while they fed the deer that comes by everyday. Mia was excited, and they shook the bucket, but no deer. They left the food out there for him anyway. Apparently the deer meets them out there for a snack everyday!

Daryl and Mia practiced 'poking' the pool balls. She precisely chalks her cue and pokes like a pro! You have to watch the video of her saying 'poke it' it's so cute with her little voice. While on the table, she kept saying owie and I didn't know why. Later they explained that they've told Mia the lights directly above the table are very they're owies and shouldn't be touched. So, when the lights grab her attention, she says owie. What great grandparents she has!

Dee and I worked together and created a wonderful dinner of Cornish hens with a mushroom gravy, baked potatoes, corn and broccoli with cheese. Tom raved about my gravy...he's a picky one, so I was very pleased that he enjoyed it. Then Mia, Nana and I played 'clean up' with Mia and got the house back to something pretty close to normal. I'm sure they'll find Lego's and things around in the days to come.
When we got home, all the Christmas lights were on, and Mia was just thrilled. She loved the tree and all it's decorations, she wasn't really into the stockings, but dig enjoy the snow globe and Santa area....oh, and the banister going upstairs. Mia and her Dada checked out the tree and the gifts...but the gifts are still wrapped! :) All the decorations on the bottom are shatterproof. Once told that she could gently 'touch' things and not remove them from the tree, she followed the rules very well.

and more to our Dripping Springs album, too

Here's some video of fun at Nana & Paw Paw's house:

Tree video: