Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some assembly required...batteries not included

Daryl actually reading the instructions!
During the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Daryl watched the snapper while Ita and I hit Red's Shooting Range! It was Lady's Day, so we got free range time, 1/2 price ammo, and had a great time. I'm getting pretty accurate and after trying out a couple of Red's handguns, I now know that I prefer the Glock 9mm over Daryl's 38. My mom had a fun time also, and we're looking forward to taking our concealed handgun class in a couple of months.

When we came home, Daryl and I rushed out to the movies to see P.S. I Love you. Daryl said it was a good but very masochistic movie. I recommend it highly, but bring lots of tissue :) After that, we spent the rest of the evening playing with Mia until it was time for each of us to open one gift. Mia got a little car dashboard that the loved. It makes all sorts of noises and has a working turn signal. Mom opened up her Scattergories game. We play it every time she comes up. So now she has one of her own. Daryl opened up his nose hair clippers/weed whacker :) and I opened a gift from Daryl. A sweet Santa nutcracker that freaked Mia out a little. In the same package, Daryl managed to hide a couple of bottles of my fav lip gloss that Mia later used as shakers :)

We tucked a sleepy snapper in, and then Daryl got to work on building her kitchen. It took him 3 1/2 hours! But he did it without one injury or complaint. He loves being a dad so much, and enjoys his dad tasks. We didn't get to bed until after 1am, and when we hit the bed we were out.
Ita, Daryl and I went in to Mia's room when she let us know she was awake. Daryl and I were wearing out Santa hats, and Ita an elf hat, and we softly sang I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas. She first saw her kitchen and all she could say is "WOW! WOW! WOW!'. She LOVED it! It really is the cutest little kitchen ever.

Then we went downstairs for our stockings, and gift opening. I think Mia was pretty overwhelmed by all the gifts, wrapping and bows. Daryl and I forgot to feed her, so she got super cranky. Once we got her fed, she was fine and sat down to play with her new toys. Her favs are the Winnie the Pooh bath toy Mara and Miran gave her, her magnetic drawing board, and Leap Frog letter board. She's still not too sure of her Sit 'n Spin.
Mia's little friend, Kayli, got a little car for Christmas, so she and her mama, Jillian, came by to show off her new wheels. Mia gave her a little holiday hug & kiss.
Once everything was opened, we got ready...I wore a Christmas tree pin that my mom had given me, Mom wore her tree and Mia wore a Santa pin that my mom wore when she was a teacher, and I wore it during Christmas when I was young :) and headed out for Dripping Springs. We spent the whole day there from 1:30 to 8:30! We all had such a wonderful time visiting and watching Mia play with all her new toys. Daryl and I are so happy that Mia was able to spend her Christmas with all her grandparents and her Memaw, too. Daryl prepared a wonderfully tasty ham with the help of Tom's torch (Daryl had a blast!), Dee the twice baked potatoes!!!! and some super yummy cauliflower. Tom made some homemade bread and the creamed spinach. We all feasted till we were stuffed, then had a little bit more :)
Oh, it was so cute when Mia played a little elf and handed out all the gifts. Mia really loved the Radio Flyer wagon that Aunt Janice & Memaw got for Mia & Gwen. Actually, when Mia got overwhelmed over there, she hoped in her wagon with a book and tuned everyone out :) It's her refuge.
Mia got some stickers, so she and Paw Paw wore them on their noses! Tom set up a 529 savings account for Mia that he, Nana, Memaw, Aunt Janice, Uncle Richard and Aunt Darlene all generously contributed to. Now any money Mia gets will be handed over to her Paw Paw for safe keeping :)
Daryl's cousin, Carl, came up from San Antonio to spend some time with us, but especially his Oma (Laura...Mia's Memaw). He was able to have dinner with us and stay around and play with Mia. He's so great with kids. I think everyone in this family is :)
The only injury sustained the whole day was when Tom wouldn't read the directions for Dee's new wine bottle opener, got stuck, used his new titanium pocket knife, and against Daryl's recommendation...cut towards his hand. Three band aids later... he was ok.
There was this super cute moment when Mia wanted to play pool with her Paw Paw, and he told her to go get her little blue chair so she could stand on it for a better view of the table. Mia went through the living room to the chair, realized that she couldn't pick it up, turned around and went straight back to her Paw Paw, told him 'help you', and walked back to the chair making sure her Paw Paw was following her. Well she surely took care of that situation. No fuss not muss, just some good ole problem solving.
My sweet husband gave me the gift of an All-inclusive Jamaican vacation! We're soooo ready for that! He kept asking me what I wanted and all I could come up with were new dishes or a knife set :) We all received a special present...Ita is moving up here! ASAP!! We went looking for houses and everything :)

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Christmas day