Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday celebrations begin

Friday evening Daryl, Mia and I went over to Unca Joe, Auntie M & Gwen's place for a gift exchange get together. Melissa made some yummy pizza...the girls got a little messy...ok, Gwen got messy, but still oh, so cute. We exchanged gifts, and Mia received a beautiful needle point bear with her birth date in a pretty frame. Mia's Auntie M had been working on it off and on since Nov '06. She started this project with a month old baby! It was well worth the wait. Mia loves it and loves the bear. Auntie M was quite the crafty lady. Mia and I received matching hand knit scarves :) We wore them yesterday, and again today! Daryl LOVES his mini pocket knife with bottle opener. He says he needs to keep drinking beer to practice with it. He has it all figured out. We all got oodles more things...they really showered us! I just hope they enjoy their gifts as much as we do ours.

Gwen had some animals stickers that she shared with everyone. Gwen liked them on her pretty dress, while Mia preferred them on her nose. Even Unca Joe got one on his nose! Mia has been into drawing lately, so she Bogarted Gwen's magnetic drawing board. Auntie M drew many fun and cool things that held Mia's attention for a VERY long time!

While Joe gave Gwen a bath and tried putting her to bed, the rest of us hung out downstairs. Daryl and I got a nice rest while Auntie M read to her enraptured niece. Poor little Gwen couldn't sleep with all that was going on down stairs, so we left the sweet family with hugs and kisses. On the drive home, Daryl and I talked about how much fun we had. We hope we can all get together again soon. We had a blast!
Mia snuggles with her Unca Joe

Gwen rams her Uncle Daryl