Friday, December 21, 2007

A girl & her jewelry

I'm sure you've read about and seen many pictures of Mia's little pal, Blake. Well, they've always played well together. Mostly parallel play, but they've always been conscious of what the other one was up to. Yesterday, Juliet (Blake's' Mama) and I met up at Robinson Park with the kids for some fun. The toddler playscape is made by Lil Tikes, so it's all this hollow plastic. There's this little door under a platform that the kids love to go through. Well, Blake accidentally closed the door on Mia's fingers. Now, the door and jamb aren't flush...there's a lot of space between, so Mia's fingers weren't squished too bad, but she was surprised and looked at Blake in horror. How could such a good friend do such a thing?!?! Mia wailed and whimpered in my arms, and Blake came over to make sure she was ok. She wanted NOTHING to do with him! The rest of the time was spent by Mia playing with rocks, and Blake doing the same a few feet from her. He'd look over at her a lot with a concerned face, and she didn't give him the time of day.

Mia, Gigi & Blake play

This morning, Mia and I went over to Juliet & Blake's to hang out for a bit. He was thrilled when she walked in the door, and she just went straight by him to his toys. She's very comfy there, and she knows were all his good toys are, so she made her rounds with Blake close behind her. :) A little while later Sarah and Gwyneth came over to pick up some new diapers, and they hung out for a while as well. Gigi (Gwyneth) just turned one, and is a very social and mobile toddler. She went up to Blake and started playing with him. When Mia saw what was happening, she went over and started playing too! A little jealous? The three played well together...they always do.

Blake & Mia made up :)

Then Juliet ( Mia calls her Jet) gave Mia her Christmas gift from Blake. It was a sweet little bracelet like when she had her first summer (it's way too small now). Mia loved it and wanted it put on her on the spot. For the rest of the day, she would walk around with her arm slightly elevated....maybe to make sure it wouldn't fall off. Blake had his black bracelet on, so they matched...Mia's has pink and brown beads, but they're the same style. They are friends again. Jewelry is always the way to go after a tiff :) Mia's first piece of jewelry from a boy!!!

Mia (bracelet & arm elevated) & Blake very interested in what Jet is sewing (Mia's new over night doubler)

Blake with his arm and bracelet elevated, too :)