Friday, December 14, 2007

Doctor Visit & Art Exhibit

I think I posted that Mia was feeling a little crabby yesterday. Well, this morning, she woke up crabby again and this time with a fever. The only time we could get in to see her Dr. was at 11:30. Right smack in the middle of Melissa & Gwen Christmas party :( We hated missing it, but couldn't go with a fever.

On the way over to the Dr, I talked to Mia about what was going to happen. I've been trying to prepare her while we're on the way to things.... To a playdate: 'Mia, we're going to play nicely, not hit or push. We can hug or pat, but not hug or push' To the store: 'Mia, you need to stay in the cart until we get to the pet isle (it's always empty...and there are lots of pictures of dogs, cats, birds....) I've found that she's been more receptive to these talks, and only needs little reminders later.
Anyway...I told her about the nice Dr who's going to help her body feel better, how she's going to sit and be weighed, her temp taken, her eyes looked at with a pretty light, her ears touched and looked at, a round cold thing put on her body to check her breathing and heart...but not to worry, because there's a frog attached to it (I love that Dr. Kilgoar), and that she may have to open her mouth, stick out her tongue and say 'ahhh'. When I said ahhh, that made her giggle, so I did it over and over (other drivers must have thought I was crazy) then she started doing it. Oh, I also told her that she'd get a sticker at the end. Ohhh a STICKER! Mia's big on stickers lately.
Last night, she put one on her nose, one for daddy, one for mama, and even Niles got one. Then she put the rest on her paper...the only other place she's allowed to stick them.
Well, the office was decked out for Christmas with a tree, and little Santa and snowmen decorations everywhere. Mia LOVED it, and she LOVED the fish! She went over and told an elderly lady, that those were fish in the tank, and the sweet woman agreed and asked her what they were doing. Mia replied that they were swimming and eating. That made the woman, an obvious Grandma, laugh with delight. Then it was time to go in, so Mia turned to the woman and said 'bye, love you'. What a charmer.
I love that Mia's at the coloring age because it gives the paper on the exam table a whole new role. The nurse gave her a pen and was amazed when Mia drew a circle and called it a circle, drew another circle and called it an oval, and the final circle was an OCAGON! (Octagon...Mia mistook a stop sign for a circle the other day, so I told her it was an octagon, now it's her fav new shape). The wait for the Dr was pleasant because Mia was all over that table drawing away and I spent a minute or two taking some pics of my little artist.
The check-up went well, and for the first time Mia sat still during the whole exam while I explained what the Dr was doing...everything that I'd told her in the car. So, an infection in each ear , a little cold and a RX for an antibiotic later, Mia got her sticker and was on her merry way. Hmmmm and infection in each ear and a little cold, yup, I'd be a little crabby, too.
What's really sad about the whole thing is that we were going to host a pre-Christmas lunch and gift exchange with Joe, Melissa and Gwen before they headed off to Rockwall. I'm not sure they'd want to come over if Mia may be contagious, Nana and Paw Paw may not either :( We had also planned on going to Krinken, Juliet, Monique & Blake's home for a little dinner party Saturday night, but we can't go to that either. Blake isn't feeling well, himself, so Juliet easily understood.
Before we left the Dr's office, I asked Mia where her drawing was. She looked at the long paper on the exam table, threw up her arma and said 'EVERYWHERE!'