Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Together at Music Together

Mia, Guelita and I had a fun time at Music Together this morning. Mom had never been, so it was awesome that she got to see what it was all the fuss was about. I love how Mia will back her butt up so she can plop on a lap. Normally it's my lap, today it was Guelita's and sometimes it's whichever mama is closest.

We had new songs this week that were a lot more mellow than the ones of the last two weeks. The class was a little smaller, also...both the music and smaller class made for a time the felt tailor made for Mia. She was Guelita's partner for a song, they shared maracas, Guelita watched Mia dance and spin, Mia relaxed in Guelita's arms during the lullaby. It all really was very sweet.

Whole Foods was our next stop. Mia had a salmon patty with mashed potatoes. I had the turkey meatloaf with potatoes gratin w/ goat cheese (yummy), and Mom had the spinach and some soup. We picnicked out on the benches outside and ate with the birds. Mia, well we all were in great spirits. After lunch, we hopped down to Babies R Us for new safety latches for our stove knobs, and ended up buying some new colorful building blocks, a stroller for Mia's babies...(Eebee has been the only one allowed a ride), some tights, long sleeved onesies, pants and I think that's it. It was fun to watch Mia run around, and I only lost sight of her a couple of times. It reminded me of when I was younger and would hide IN the racks of clothes. :)

Dancing with Mama

spinning fun


Mia up close and personal


all done

Music Together:

She sings a little: