Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The Round Rock Fall Festival ROCKED!!!! It's a yearly event held at Old Settler's Park, by the Dell Diamond, and run by city employees. This years theme was the Jungle. Perfect! They gave a way a coloring book and crayons if you brought a can of food for the food bank...we did, so she got one. They had people dressed up as animals giving out trick-or-treat bags and 'The Jungle Book' Little Golden Books. Mia fancied the colorful bird, but she couldn't get enough of the scary tiger. They had more booths than we could hit. They were pretty easy, but gave out a prize regardless, so the little snapper made out like a bandit. Now, we haven't given Mia any candy yet, so it was interesting to see how into all the candy she was. the colorful wrappers were probably what she wanted, and she didn't like it one bit when we put it away in her bag. Mia put rings around witches hats and rings around spiders, threw bean bags, bowled, took a break on a hay ride. Mia does like those tractors. Mia is a world class cookie stacker! There was a booth were the kids had to stack cookies (Oreos...nice and flat)until they fell. Mia really surprised me, she was great, being little or not! And the girl who LOVES rocks, was a little shy about picking one out of a rock pile to she if she got an ant on the bottom. There was a Kangaroo Hop. The kids hopped until the music stopped then the kid with the plate with the drawn number won a big cookie...they all got bubbles. She even golfed! Running around like a wild zebra was fun, too. We finally found our pals Sarah and the Bell. Sarah's mother-in-law is down from Canada, so she got to enjoy watching Isabel in her little monkey costume...that Sarah MADE...with a bo-pee (belly button) and everything! We sat under the pavilion and snacked on some cookies. I'll tell you, the city of Round Rock really have this event perfected. We ran into Auntie M and little fairy, Gwen. Gwen had a little fever and wasn't feeling well. Poor sweetie. She looked really cute, though :) We were there for 1 1/2 hours then called it quits. The lines were short around 9am, but really got long. We picked up some Taco Cabana (Mia loves those quesadillas), and met Daryl back at the house for lunch. He doesn't come home for lunch very often, so it was very special seeing him in the middle of the day. Mia crashed hard. We told Dada all about our morning adventures, and we're all going next year and making it part of our family Halloween traditions.
I've added some more snaps of today:

Mia's Halloween Album

Auntie M's Spooktacular Party (very short):

Fall Festival: