Monday, October 22, 2007

Guelita is here!!!!!

She's my Guelita, and I'm NOT sharing!

Well, it was a little more than chilly this morning. When walking out to the car everyday, Mia always announces it's HOT. She still did this morning, but not as convincing. Once I stuck my hands up her shirt to warm then on her toasty belly, she learned what brrrr, chilly, cold means.

ready for Halloween

The art playdate that was scheduled for today was rescheduled for tomorrow, so we just hung around the house. Mia helped me clean by sweeping and dusting. Not a big help, but she sure was cute. After her nap, we went to the airport to pick up the Guelita! I normally just pick her up at the loading area, but Mia was itching to get out of the car, so we parked and went on our way to surprise the Guelita. We were expecting her to come down a set of escalators, but she came down an other, and surprised us! Mia and her Gueilta were reunited while I went to grab her bag. They chatted all the way home.

Mama's cleaning crew

Mom had picked up a cute little mop and broom set from Mexico, and painted them all up for Mia. Mia LOVED them. She was drawn more to the broom than the mop. She'd never seen me use one, because I only mop when she's asleep. Toddler on a slippery floor is not a good combo.

High Five (Mia say's 'high pibe')

Mia also got a couple of things from Mom's trip to Denver...a cute teddy bear wearing a Rockies uniform and a very cool Broncos hat with pink and white dreadlocks. Mia was suspicious of the bear wearing clothes and a black hat, but was totally in to the crazy hat, and couldn't wait to see herself in the mirror. Mom kept pulling things out of her luggage...a Rockies baseball, valley limes... Mia grabbed one of Mom's bras, put it around her neck and declared she was 'pretty'. Oh, mom had a cool folded up green gardening hat that popped open and freaked Mia out. She'll warm up to it later.

Guelita caught herself a wild beeba!

Daryl got home and was into the hats, too :) Mom showed Mia how she can roll her tongue up into a taco and fold and twist her tongue around (two things that I just can't do...recessive genes). Mia was THRILLED! After a nice dinner of calavasita con pollo (my answer to chili or soup for a cold night), Mia put on her zebra so her Guelita could admire her. We all played around and talked. We had some of Daryl's birthday cookies, too. I had a few too many. That may be why I'm still up and the rest are snug as bugs in bed.

happy family

silly tongue tricks

good times

Fun with the broom and mop:

Fun with hats and stuff:

Fun with the Beeba: