Friday, October 12, 2007

Mia drives: the car, me crazy...

places to go
Yesterday was a little more than tough. We had a rough night again. Mia is teething. Her last two molars are coming out and making the gums around them swollen and painful. So, we were up for Motrin and Orajel. That lead to a bit of a cranky morning. Now, I'm not used to Mia waking up at night or being cranky the next day, so I was pretty cranky myself. We did have swim class as a nice diversion, though. Mia's doing well, siting on the wall and jumping into the water and swimming to me. She keeps her head facing up instead of down, so she drinks more water than she should.
Mia does NOT like babysitting

We had a group playdate at Auntie M & Gwen's, but it wasn't for another 1 1/2 hours. I didn't want Mia to be worn out and cranky for the playdate, so we had lunch in the car and watched some Little Bear. The playdate was fun and informative. Melissa had some yummy snacks. About 1 1/2 into it, Mia was showing signs of sleepiness, so we said our good-byes.
Mia will NOT share her Eebee...

After a nice long nap and playtime (Mia helped me clean out my car by 'driving' the car with the help of her snake) with Mama, my friend Jillian (the birthday girl) came over with her little baby, Kayli. Daryl, Mia and I babysat Kayli so her parents could go celebrate her mama's birthday childfree. This was the FIRST time Kayli had been left with someone other than her parents! We needed her to be bump and tear free for the birthday girl's return :)
...or her Dada

would NOT share her Eebee doll...understandable
would NOT share her Mama or Dada...kind of understandable
wanted to eat Kayli's food, use her spoon, and drink from her sippy
finally warmed up to Kayli the last 10 minutes

Wasn't really interested in Mia's Eebee doll or her parents
Wasn't thrilled about being carried by Mia's Mama or Dada (brave girl very interested in the fireplace, metal dining table and all areas made of tile)
Loved playing with Mia's purple ball and weird big eyeball from the MegaBloks set
Just wanted nothing more than her woobie blanket and to suck on her thumb
Kayli relaxin with her woobie

It was a fabulous experience for us all..Mia would probably not think so. Mia doesn't really get possessive when other kids are around Daryl and I, and she usually shares very well. But this time, Kayli's mama or daddy weren't around, and I don't think Mia liked that. This kind of gave us an insight what having a second child may be like.

Oh, Mia says weendow for window. It's the cutest ever. Also, canama for camera.

Video of Mia and her lifejacket (yes, in the living room) Mia says 'I do it' and 'help you'. You can barely make it out, but she said those two things later with her Dada when she wanted to 'do it'and to 'help' him help her. She also kept asking for the boat :)

dibe = drive, butt = buttons, nake = snake