Monday, October 15, 2007

time for a toddler bed?

Blake & Mia kept tossing stuff down, and sweet Monique would playfully toss it right back up

Mia and I went over to Juliet & Blake's place this morning. Juliet's daughter, Monique, was home from school and she really enjoyed playing with the kids. She was kind of hinting to Juliet that it would be cool to have a baby sister :) Mia was really into Blake's' toddler bed. It just may be time to transition Mia to a big girl bed. She already goes up to her room and tries to climb into her bed while saying 'night night'. It would be easy for her to climb into a little bed, but it would also be easier to climb OUT! After playing around their house, we all went to the new Super Target in Cedar Park. Mia picked out her Halloween bucket... a cute little spider bucket. She loves it and wouldn't let it go. Well, until she saw the display of hooded towels. They had elephants, monkeys and frogs. She picked out the frog towel that is exactly like the one her Nana bought for her when she was a baby...but this one is bigger for a big girl :)

Blake, his air pump and his sandals that he put on himself :)

We had a nice afternoon reading books and she watched the Teletubbies while I got ready for Girls Night Out. My sweet husband watched the Snapper so I could go hang out with Krista, Amanda, Diane and Loren at Trudy's for dinner. I LOVE their stuffed avocado. We had a great time chatting and discussing the upcoming Halloween party. Since Mia's Nana and Paw Paw will be in Europe (celebrating their wedding anniversary like love birds), we've scored Aimee for a babysitter that night.

diggin' the toddler bed