Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We're in!!!

How is it already Tuesday?!?!

Last week we had to finish packing, which was VERY difficult with the Snapper under foot. The girls really helped a lot. Lori and Sarah came over their little ones to keep Mia occupied and happy while the Mamas helped me pack. Suzy and Livie came over a few times. Livie and Mia get on so well and Suzy is a fabulous packer. She packed up Mia's whole room. Well, not the breakables. That's my job...for every one's safety, I pack all the breakables, so if anything gets damaged, I only have myself to blame. Suzy wants to move up to the packer of breakables...I just have to think about that one :)

My mom and her housekeeper, Raquel came up on Thursday. Mom played with Mia while Raquel helped me. Yea for help! Our big move was on Friday, and everything went very well. I highly recommend Blue Ribbon Movers. We've used them a few times, and they are always the best. They actually finished 2 hrs earlier than the estimated time. Yea for saving $$!!!

Joe had his birthdaypalooza Saturday afternoon. What a welcome break from unpacking. We were a little late...will never wake up a toddler before her time. Dee & Tom brought some delicious BBQ from Rudy's, and there were some of Ann's (Melissa's mom) lemon bars. They are indeed a little square of heaven. I hadn't seen Carl (Melissa's Dad) in so long. He really is one of the nicest/funniest/loving guys around. We 'waltzed across Texas' with Gwen, and she was so happy about it. I pretty much hung outon the floor with my head on Gwen's bunny chair/pillow while everyone played with Mia. I LOVE family, they know when you need a break. I just didn't have much energy from the move. Everyone played pool and with the wii (even Tom, Dee and Carl)for a while. It really was a good time. Oh, and they were so generous to send us a huge tin of leftovers.

Since then, we've been unpacking and trying to get the other house straightened up. Raquel cleaned the whole thing!!, but Daryl still had to get a bunch of stuff out, and repaint Mia's room back to white. Joe helped...he sure does tape well. No paint on the floor. Not even a drop!

Mom and Raquel left Sunday, already missing Mia, and Mia missing them. Mia still asks for her 'Ta' and wants to sing the Spanish songs Raquel had taught her.

I don't even know what happened yesterday.

Today, Sarah & Lori came over with the girls for a playdate. It was so nice watching the girls explore the house...especially the stairs. I do believe that we'll be keeping the slide indoors now. The new house is smack in the middle of Sarah's and Lori's. I love that we're all so close. Suzy came over and let me watch Livie while she went to an appt. We had house full of laughing children.

Pictures to come once I find the accessories to the computer. They're safe in some box yet to be unpacked.


lltanderson said...

we had a blast! thanks for having us over. your new home is beautiful!