Saturday, July 7, 2007

Guest Blogger: Mia's Guelita

Since Mia was visiting her Guelita for a whole week, I really can't tell you what went on down there. My mom has so sweetly started writing about their adventures, and I'll post the installments as I receive them...with some snaps!

A Summer Visit from my Granddaughter
Saturday sleep over at the ranch

Mia, Raquel, and I arrived around 5 in the evening. With their tall curled tails, 7 short ranch dogs greeted us as we entered the last gate. Mia squealed with laughter as the dogs surrounded her.

It was an unusually cool evening as the ranch dogs followed Mia. Uncle Joe, Aunt Penny, Rick, Laura, Raquel, and I also followed Mia as she walked very, very fast. She was on her way to see the cows as they moved from one pasture to the next. Mia pointed to the cows, horse and made sounds for “What does the cow/horse/etc say?” But her delightful giggles were given to the ranch dogs.

I was taking pictures of Mia looking at cows …and then along came a bull…I asked Mia to walk towards the bull… I aimed my camera. I had forgotten that sometimes Mia tends to walk very, very fast. As I shot the photo, I heard my sister & brother-in-law yelling, “ Get her, get her!” Mia was very, very close to the bull. I scooped her up and I can vouch she can now identify a bull and the noise he makes!

During Sunday lunch, I asked Mia…”What does a cat/dog/horse/owl/lamb say?”…When asked what a bull says, Mia made a deep long sound that caused everyone at the table to smile and laugh… Uncle Joe practically fell over and Aunt Penny had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. Mia was a hit…no one had heard that sound except from a bull.

Lovely ladies visiting

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Guelita & Mia petting a little (big) calf

Hey, Guelita, that's MY favorite puppy!

Uncle Joe enjoying Mia enjoying the ranch

What's over there Aunt Penny?

Mia, stealing a strawberry from the turtle! Mia's new pal
Yes, she is that close to a BULL!!!!!!


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