Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nana the lifeguard at the Gleinser Sprinkler Park
We spent the day visiting Nana, Pa Pa & Memaw yesterday. They got a wonderful sprinkler/mini-pool for the girls. Mia tried it out, and I think she'd highly recommend it to Gwen. Playing in the water makes this little girl so happy, and wears her out! Pa showed Mia the birdseed they fill the feeders with...she ate the seed, of course.
Thirsty lil fish

Mia getting fed a Cheerio by her Auntie M

This morning, we hopped over to Auntie M & Gwen's place for a fun playdate. Noa, Blake and their Mamas played, too. Gwen is on the verge of taking her first steps! I know, it's so exciting! The kids had a fun time playing with Gwens toys, trying to drink from each other's sippies and eating Cheerios off the clean floor. Good times. I'm so happy that Mia and Gwen get to play together so often.

Gwen & her crew (is it just me, or is Gwen growing up wayyyyy to fast?)

Gwen caught with her hand in the box

Stick a fork in her...she's done!

This afternoon, after a long nap (thanks Auntie M & Gwen for helping tucker her out) we walked down to the park. Since it'd been raining so much lately, and we were out of town, we haven't been there for a while. The playscape looks smaller now that Mia is visibly bigger. She used to have to crawl over the retaining walls. Now, she just puts her hands down and throws her long legs over! She slid till she could slide no more. Then grabbed her juice and started walking home :)

Dada was a ton of fun tonight. We danced around to Mia's Eebee music. Mia colored (her new fav) while Daryl and I played cards. One big happy family. It really was a nice day.