Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's about time!

Mia's a year and a half, and today we took her to the Children's Museum for the first time!!! I've been bunches of times with other people's kids, but not with my own. It was special.

We were downtown at the Statesman picking up end rolls for packing, and since we were down there we hit the museum and had a ball. They had a cool exhibit with images on a screen that interacted with our shadows. I zoomed back and forth with little thingies 'chasing' me, Mia and I had butterflies land on our heads. It was just too cool. I really did have to pry myself away

Daryl and I settled in with the other parents while our kids explored the toddler area. Mia really dug a turtle puppet just like the one at lapsit. She got a line of other kids to follow her UP the slide and DOWN the stairs...she's a rebel, that one. Mia loved all the ball mazes and had a blast. Then we checked out the area where the traveling exhibits usually are and it was filled with huge boardgames. Mia played a little chess with her Dada, and then watched a father teach his daughter (about 8 years old) the finer points of Connect Four. Then Mia saw the bigger slide. Daryl and I hung out while she slid and slid, until we couldn't anymore and we helped her find something else to do. The girl could slide forever and she'd say it was over too soon. :) It really was a nice family afternoon. We're going to have to go back soon, maybe when it's not so packed and crazy.

Then a quick bite and off to Suzy and Livie's house to hang out for a while. Man, Mia and Livie get on so well. Livie was so excited she came up to Suzy to tell her that her friend was here. Then she looked at me, and excitedly told her Mama that Mama's friend was here, too! Livie kept calling Mia her baby, and Mia kept looking around for the baby. Adorable. After a nice visit, we hit the road, and thankfully Mia didn't sleep till she was cozy in her crib.

Here's some video of Mia expressing her wishes with 'no, no, no' and then singing the theme from the Eebee show....anything to keep from bed, bath or things of that nature.