Tuesday, July 24, 2007

you try packing with a snapper!

Ugh! Packing sucks!!! There. I've said it.
Sunday, Sarah, Lori and I got together for Lori's birthday brunch d0-over at the Cheesecake Factory (we had nachos for breakfast! I LOVE IT!!). Her birthday was a little over 6 months ago, but she had a severe gum infection, so any kind of eating was out of the question...well, soups, but where's the fun in THAT?!?! We've been trying to get together w/o the kids lately, and it's so hard to coordinate. I asked Daryl why he thought getting 3 gals together is so difficult. Well, he informed me, it's really getting 9 people coordinated by the time you add the Dads and the kids. We had a lovely time catching up. Then we hit Barnes & Noble for coffee/chai and browsing of the books. We didn't even go into the kids section :)

When I finally got home, Mia was up from he nap and ready to go, go , go! I couldn't find a copy of the new Harry Potter, so we hit the B&N in our area. No luck. So we walked Mia around the mall. It was funny....Daryl said he over heard a guy who was pushing what it seemed to be a 4 yr old in a stroller say to his wife, 'and WHY are we pushing him again' after seeing Mia zoom by them. Daryl scored the book at the Borders Express! They had over a hundred copies of the sold out book...who knew? Mia had fun in the play area. Oh, and Daryl got a great shot of me with the snapper in the background enjoying her new fav pastime...picking her nose.

Yesterday, Lori and Sarah come over with the girls to help distract Mia while I packed. WELL, they helped pack AND brought lunch!!!! I ended up getting a lot done, and Mia was worn out. I need to pick up a little broom and dustpan b/c Mia was very insistent on 'helping'. Suzy and Livie came over for some play time and we were so happy they stayed for dinner, too. So Mama and Mia got a lot of time with friends yesterday....and some boxes got packed, too :)

In a little bit, we're headed off to Dallas for Mia's 6 month review on her back. The hospital is so great and entirely geared for kids, so even though Mia probably can't remember her last visit, we're hoping she'll dig it.

happy little monkey

she was a little disturbed by her reflection in the funhouse mirror

Mama and her little nose picker