Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Scottish Rite is alllll right!!!!

Mia had her 6 month follow up appt today at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas. The drive up was great. We stopped at a McDonald's to play and stretch for a while, then we were there.

We LOVE this place! They are so geared for children. Everything is colorful and fun. Well, all except the x-rays. We think Mia remembered the last set taken in January. As soon as she walked in and saw the equipment, she started crying. Let me tell you, the staff is always fabulous, but Norma the X-ray tech was not. She was abrupt and quick and not very warm and friendly. It was a horrible 10 min that seemed like 10 years. Mia cried so hard she threw up! She NEVER does that. Daryl and I had to pretty much hold her in traction in different positions. While I know this is necessary, it doesn't make it any easier.

After that ordeal, we went to play in the waiting room with the other kids for about 5 min before they called us in. There were some little girls around 4 years old that either wanted to adopt Mia, or lock her out of the playhouse. Girls can be so fickle. Mia just hung out, checking them out and drinking her milk.

Mia's been asked to participate in a scoliosis study. Over the next few years they'll measure her chest, sitting height, and arm span to check for any differences in lung development. Apparently lung development may be hampered by scoliosis. When Dr. Birch (love him!) and his team came in, he'd already checked out her x-rays and was ready to tell us all about Mia. He said that x-rays taken when standing up are usually worse than the ones taken while reclined. The spine is caring the weight of the body, and if there's any real trouble it'll show. While Mia still has her hemi-vertebrae anomaly, the spine hasn't curved more...even with her growth spurts!!! So, if her head tilts (she's in one now) stay stuck, if a bump appears where the issue is on her back, if she looses function in her legs, or seems to be in pain (He said all very unlikely) that she's good to go till next year!!!! Mama and Dada exhaled :)

Oh, while waiting for the Doc, we found that one of Mia's last 4 molars had broken through and while getting dressed and looking in the mirror, I asked her where Mia was and she pointed to herself (something she's been doing for a while), but this time I asked her 'what's your name?' and she said 'Mia' !!! We got it on tape while we were driving home. Big day for the snapper!

playing out some energy at the SR park before the drive home

The What's Your Name Game