Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

Yesterday Mia had a great time at Little Gym. I think there are only 3 classes left in this session, and she's making the most out of them. She really loves to roll. Then we met up with Suzy and Livie. Livie is amazing and can keep up with the best of them through the playscape. Mia sticks to the small slide, but loves watching all the action. We left once 6 bigger kids stormed the area. They were just crazy!

After nap, we hit Ready Set Play so we could tire Mia out for Daddy. We was going to babysit, and I wanted to make sure she was ready to go to bed early. Suzy and Livie came by RSP and we had a great time. Mia still loves the big slide and the big square jumper, but can also find a lot to do in the area for kids under 3 years old. Livie and Mia hung out in the ball pit and then Mia ran around, climbed up and slid down the little slide...over and over and over. Success in wearing the Snapper out. We had to say by to our friends so mama could get ready for girls night out.

Mia playing B-ball

when was the last time you had this much fun?

gnawing her way out

Daryl came home, watched Mia and cooked dinner while I was upstairs digging through boxes for something to wear. Then I was off to The Main Event for bowling and drinks with the girls. It was so nice to hang out with Krista, Amanda, Christina and Elise again. Amanda broke 100 and was the top scorer, then I think it was Krista, Elise, Christina and then Me...Yes, I was the looser with a grand total of 52 points :) Then we hit the pool tables for a game and just decided to sit, eat and chat. Elise had to leave a little early, so she wasn't in the group photo :( We've decided to have girls night out once a month. Daryl said he'd be more than happy to babysit if it means I come home with such a big smile on my face.

Christina strikes a pose after a strike

Girls Night Out!

This morning started out with swimming lessons. Mia went under and swam to me for 7 seconds. That's not 1,2,3... it's 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand... a VERY long time for a wee snapper, but she did it and from the look on her face, was very proud of herself. After class we went over to Melissa and Gwen's for a playdate with a mom's group we belong to. Ann (Melissa's mom) was there. I haven't seen her in sooooooo long. She told her chased by bees story. I hadn't heard about it, but it did sound horrible. Mia got to play with her cousin Gwen and pals Livie (a whole different Livie...yes, Mia knows 3), Noa, Blake and little Gwyneth...a cute little chub of a baby (8 months old), but very mobile and very happy. Gwyneth grabbed my fingers, pulled up and started walking to me. It was sweet until Mia saw what was happening, and started to cry and couldn't get into my lap quick enough. She knows that I'm HER mama.

After a nice grilled cheese and some milk, Mia was ready for a nap.

a girl & her grilled cheese

Mia the Explorer on the day of the big move